We offer hospitals and clinics innovative x-ray units that improve the nursing and safety of the patient whilst the staff work faster, more flexible and at a lower cost. We are experienced enough to have the technical know-how, fresh enough to innovate for future needs and receptive enough to deliver what the customers want.

All in all – we offer you the solutions for tomorrow.
OUR BUSINESS IDEA is to create, develop and sell innovative X-ray solutions which make you come closer to the patient. Our mobile X-ray equipment leads to fewer transports of patients, less stress and better care of the patient whilst the hospital can work faster, more flexible and at a lower cost.
Our first product is the mobile X-ray unit for hospitals and clinics.
OUR VISION is to increase capacity and efficiency in healthcare by providing innovative X-ray solutions that enable high quality X-ray examinations closer to the patient at hospitals and clinics.


The creators behind the idea and founders of the company are Mattias Guldstrand, Martin Yngvesson and Jan Bååt. Together they posses over fifty years of experience from work within medical technology and the X-ray business.
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Our qualified co-workers, owners, board members, suppliers and customers are all part of what make a successful team.
And like in all team sports, all positions play their key role in order to accomplish success: True X-ray Mobility™.
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Advisory Board

Three excellent examples from our network are the experts that make up our Advisory Board. They function as counsellors within their areas of expertise and contribute with their experience and competence.
We are greatful for their support.
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We are ISO-certified.
Download our certificate here.
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