Solutions for tomorrow is pleased to announce that together with Aleris X-ray Sweden and Sport Rescue Team has completed a successful project within mobile X-ray and teleradiology during Rallycross Championship and Rally Cross World Cup in Sweden and Norway.
According to the newest regulations of The International Federation (FIA) X-ray and ultrasound examinations should be possible to perform on site. Solutions for tomorrow partnered up with Aleris and provided mobile X-ray equipment, digital radiology and images referrals.
A number of injuries has been X-rayed and treated on the spot instead of being send long distance to hospitals. Patients were X-rayed on the spot and images were sent to Aleris for review. It was important to check if the skeleton was damaged and to eliminate injuries that would require treatment at a hospital. An assessment and treatment of competent healthcare personnel meant that the diagnose waiting time was shorter and unnecessary medical transports could be avoided.
The project is successful and the involved parties explore possibilities of working together. Many regions in Scandinavia are now investigating how healthcare could benefit from mobile X-ray. The ready-made concept offered by Solutions for tomorrow can be put into operation at very short notice and can be used in any type of permanent or temporary facility.

Mattias Guldstrand, CEO, says:
“It was the first time when X-rays were available at the races and we are proud to be selected by Aleris as their partner. We are very happy that we got a chance to provide medical support at such big international events like RallyX and World RX. The project was successful and we look forward to other possibilities of working together. Teleradiology and X-rays outside of hospitals are the future and we will be part of it. “